Data-Information-The Correct Decision

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In January 2018 I stopped with my business. This website is no longer maintained.
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What can Quantitative Consultancy do for you?

Quantitative Consultancy provides problem solving involving numerical data (and generally in massive amounts). These quantitative problems can be inherently complex or just difficult to tackle because the sheer bulk of the data. In both cases one tries to find an underlying structure (model) that explains the data in terms that are as simple as possible. Establishing such a structure will make decision making considerably easier. The translation of problems into quantitative terms brings it into the reach of techniques from Econometrics, Statistics, Mathematics and Information Technology.

Often so much data is available (e.g. on customers) that it is worthwhile to check if the data matches business intuition or even to try and get new insights based on this data. This is only possible if the relevant information can be extracted from the data.
When the analysis is done and appears to be of value, a software solution can be provided to the problem owner to tackle the problem in an efficient way. Such a solution is a prototype: with the required functionality but without a top-notch interface.

Structuring, analysing and programming such a problem is called modelling. Han Oostdijk Quantitative Consultancy provides modelling services for the financial sector.


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